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Senior Spotlight: Emily Little & Angelina Adame

For this week's Senior Spotlight, I interviewed Emily Little and Angelina Adame.

Emily is a member of the Natural Resources & Ag Science Pathway and hopes to become an Ag Teacher in the future! She is fully committed to Illinois State University, majoring in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Leadership in the fall. It's apparent that Emily has deep roots in agriculture, and when I asked her why, she said, “Agriculture has been a huge part of my life, basically since I was born. I’ve had Ag classes since fifth grade,” and by taking them, she really found something she was good at. “It's inspiring, and when I became interested in essentially all aspects of Ag, I looked towards education so that I can do it all. I love kids, and I think teaching is really important.” She had several job placements in local high school Ag classrooms, which showed her "many different teaching styles and dynamics, because Ag teachers have a lot of different roles, so I saw what might be important to teach in a classroom of my own someday.”

When I asked her how she felt about these opportunities she's been given in her time here, she said, “Williamsfield has created a very good and effective learning space for me and given me the chance to be a leader, to be really independent. The Passion Portfolio specifically is so helpful in getting experience with what you want to do with your future!” In advising the underclassmen at Williamsfield, she says, “Don't take the Passion Portfolio or these great opportunities for granted, and even though it might be a lot to manage at once… trust me: take it seriously.” Good luck, Emily, I know the future of Agriculture is in good hands!

For the next Senior Spotlight, we have Angelina Adame! She is in the Life Science Pathway, planning to be a wound and ostomy care nurse. She will be going to Spoon River College next semester to continue both her academic and athletic career, playing volleyball and majoring in Licensed Practical/Vocational Nursing. She will be obtaining her LPN, then attending Graham School of Nursing, as well as online schooling to get her Bachelor's.

She has job shadowed at the Peoria Wound Clinic and also attended the GAVC program for nursing. When I asked her about this experience, she said, “GAVC is a great program for getting your feet wet. You start from the bottom here; you'll see it all. This is great because when you ideally work your way up the medical field in the future, you won't overlook all the moving parts there are once you're further in your career."

When reflecting on her time spent here, she said, “Williamsfield Schools has allowed me to expand my knowledge with Dual Credit courses, all while being a State Certified CNA through GAVC, all before graduating. Not everyone gets these opportunities, and the underclassmen should definitely take advantage. I know it has done a lot for me in determining my own path, all while being the shaper of my own future.” Angelina has shined both in school and on the volleyball court during her four years of high school, and I am sure we can expect nothing less in her next phase of life as well. Good luck Angelina, we will all be cheering for you!

Be on the lookout for future Senior Spotlight Segments by Sarah Brown!

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