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Olivia Farquer named Billtown's first Illinois State Scholar

Olivia Farquer has been awarded a state-wide recognition and is the first Billtown student to receive the status of "Illinois State Scholar" for the 2021-2022 school year. The state scholar program.

The State Scholar Program publicly and personally identifies graduating high school seniors who possess superior academic potential. Students from nearly every high school in Illinois compete in the program. State Scholars can be found on the campuses of nearly 200 public and private institutions of higher education in Illinois. The combination of students' exemplary college entrance examination scores and record high school achievement indicate an especially high potential for success in college.

Congratulations to Olivia for this prestigious award. Olivia will graduate in May having earned her Associates Degree from Carl Sandburg College. Her future plans are still up in the air, but she has a variety of acceptances from colleges and plans to study Speech and Hearing Science.

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