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Passion Portfolio Information


Passion Presentation Information

Upon completion of their Passion Portfolio, students will be required to deliver a Passion Presentation in which they detail their pathway experiences, achievements, and the life lessons attained throughout their journey at Williamsfield Schools.

Purpose: Students will be required to reflect upon their education journey, assuming responsibility for their own success. This will prompt students to examine and analyze ways that they gained independence, increased their overall knowledge, explored their chosen pathway, and ultimately arrived at a place where they can more clearly determine their next steps for the future. We want to uphold Williamsfield Schools' foundational belief that all students should be empowered to navigate their educational journey.

Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes

Required Components:

  • A completed hardcover Passion Portfolio thematically aligned with your presentation

  • A corresponding digital portfolio on your learner site; it should be thematically aligned to your hardcover portfolio and your presentation

  • A PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation; again, it should have a thematic, cohesive structure

    • Example: Perhaps you want to use a metaphor to guide your presentation. A student who has chosen "Art Teacher" as their career goal might choose to talk about life being like a palette, comparing each new experience to a different color. ​Use your imagination and develop a theme unique to your personality and goals!

    • Your presentation should be well-rehearsed. You are required to practice your presentation in front of your peers, your Pathway Lead, and the Pathway Coordinator (i.e., three separate instances) before the formal presentation day.

    • Presentation day is a formal event, so make sure to dress in formal attire.

    • Be prepared to field questions and defend your assertions after presenting.​


Passion Portfolio Timeline


Prologue: Fifth through Seventh Grade

  • Personal Narrative: Goal setting (and yearly revision)

  • Written reflection on Pathway courses (Grades 5-6)

  • 5th Grade Passion Project

  • 6th Grade Passion Project

  • 7th Grade: Real-World Learning Adventure

  • 7th Grade: Choose Your Pathway(s)

Chapter 1: Eighth Grade and Freshman Year

Chapter 2: Sophomore Year

  • Personal Narrative: Revision with updated goals

  • Student Success Plan

  • College visit (minimum one)

    • A reflection essay about the visit

    • Artifacts from the visit: Pictures, brochures, career info

  • Workplace observations: Minimum four hours

    • A reflection essay summarizing your observations and experience

    • A timesheet signed by your workplace supervisor and Pathway Lead

  • Artifacts (minimum four): Pictures, observation notes, letters, business cards, exemplar student work

Chapter 3: Junior Year

Chapter 4: Senior Year

  • Personal Narrative: Reflection and Senior year goal setting

  • Student Success Plan

  • Updated resume

  • Letters of recommendation for college or for job seekers (minimum three) 

  • Transcripts (unofficial OR official)

    • Search in your Google Drive for your school transcripts​

  • College admissions essay and/or cover letter to obtain job placement

  • Capstone Experience* (may include):

    • Examples: GAVC (4 hours per day), on-site job placement (average 3 days per week), CEO Program, Williamsfield Young Entrepreneurs

Chapter 5: Senior Seminar

  • Final Passion Portfolio Presentation

    • See the section below for more information.​

  • Exit Interview

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